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During the current pandemic, we offer consultations and therapy sessions online and face-to-face. Please let us know what you feel most comfortable with and get in touch with your practitioner to find out more details.
Surrey Healthcare clinic

What We Do

Surrey Healthcare Clinic is a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals working in mental healthcare in Guildford, Surrey. Our clinicians and practitioners treat a wide range of health difficulties, disorders and conditions. These problems often come with emotional, cognitive, behavioural and addiction symptoms.

The SHC team consists of a range of healthcare professionals including psychiatrists counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. Our health clinicians work with children, adolescents and adults who might be struggling with the challenges of everyday life and they offer individual, couple, family and group therapy.

We will help you find the professional support you need for yourself or a person you care for.’

Who We Are

The multi-disciplinary team of clinicians provide support through psychology, psychiatry, counselling and psychotherapy. Although they often work collaboratively, each practitioner offers a unique set of qualifications, skills and experiences to support you. Patients are not only able to benefit from a diverse range of mental healthcare professions but also a linguistic diversity as consultations are offered in English, French, Turkish, Farsi, Hindi and Bengali. All SHC practitioners are formally registered.

‘We feel strongly about relationships’

How We Work

The SHC team treats children, adolescents and adults and provides individual, couple, family, group therapy and interventions. Consultations are by appointment and held in the comfortable rooms of Brighter Spaces in the heart of Guildford. Pricing varies depending on the type of service you require. SHC clinicians are registered with the main health insurance bodies. Please find more information in each practitioner’s profile.

Who to choose?

Please take the time to look at the Surrey Healthcare Clinic practitioner profiles and explore your options. If you are unsure about the help you require, feel free to contact any member of Surrey Healthcare Clinic. Every single one of us is happy to help you find the right mental healthcare support.

Psychiatric Assessments

Please note that currently we do not offer diagnostic assessments for ADHD and ASD. Any other enquiries concerning psychiatric assessments should be directed to Dr Pallavi Bujarbaruah.


Book your appointment directly with the SHC clinician of your choice by phone or email. See contact page.

‘We recognise that choosing the right mental health practitioner is important!’

Where We Are

All our consultation sessions are conducted at Brighter Spaces in Guildford:


54 Quarry Street


For enquiries, bookings and cancellations, please contact clinician directly.


Castle Car Park/Tunsgate,
Sydenham Road,

Millbrook Car Park, A281, GU1 3UF


Brighter Space, Guildford

Images Courtesy of Brighter Spaces

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