Support during the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Support during the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

How do I cope? 

Looking after your wellbeing  

Dear friends, 

we are all going through a very difficult time. Please look after your and each other’s wellbeing. Keep regular meals and structure to your day, even if you are at home. Maintain your sleep pattern if possible. Don’t forget a shower or a bath!

We have to keep our distance from other people but this doesn’t mean that you should be socially isolated. Pick up the phone and call your friends and family, listen to your favourite tune or watch a good program.

If you are suffering from anxiety, try and keep your thinking under control – remember something pleasant, look at the pictures from your last holiday, etc. Use distraction techniques – counting to 10 is simple yet effective, breathing in slowly through your nose and breathing out through your mouth whilst counting is also helpful. Check YouTube or other resources for more inspiration. 

If anyone needs to have an appointment, please note that due to the current situation with coronavirus all appointments are conducted via video-link.

Contact your practitioner to book an appointment! 

Stay well!






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