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What is an Assessment?

A mental health assessment is when a professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, meets you for an initial consultation. This is to explore whether you might have a mental health problem and what type of treatment may help. If you are experiencing distress and on-going symptoms that are impacting your ability to cope with daily life, then it’s important to take action. Research shows that getting help early could prevent symptoms getting worse and increases your chances of making a full recovery. The first step is to speak to your GP. They can complete a physical examination and carry out routine blood, urine, and other tests to rule out any physical explanation for the problem. They can then complete a mental health screening.

Mental Health Emergency

Please note that we only provide routine mental health assessments, which does not include a mental health Crisis and Emergency service. If you are concerned about immediate risk (suicide, self-harm, overdose, other risks) where there is a mental health crisis with symptoms that are acute and severe then you should call your GP if the crisis takes place during working hours.

You can also call your local NHS Mental Health Trust 24 hour Crisis Helpline e.g. Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 0800 915 4644, call NHS 111 or go to your local A&E where you can access liaison psychiatry the mental health crisis team. Alternatively, you can contact the Samaritans who provide a 24 hour listening service to talk through your concerns, worries and troubles telephone 116 123.


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