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Assessment Report

Depending on the type of assessment, you will receive a professional written report that summarises the key information and factors identified by the clinician. When appropriate, a diagnosis is given and recommended treatment plan provided.

What you need to know about reports

A professional report is a standard part of a psychiatric assessment. A copy of this assessment will also be sent to your GP. Similarly, if you engage in a formal neurocognitive or neurodevelopmental assessment, a formal report will be provided which gives the outcome of the assessment, identifies whether you meet a diagnostic threshold or, alternatively, states if further investigation is needed.

If you would like written feedback, you will need to discuss this with your individual psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor. Written feedback is usually charged for separately as it is not included in the standard assessment rates for these professions. However, your practitioner should formally discuss the outcome of the assessment with you, including their clinical opinion, recommendations, and treatment plan.



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