Margot Heurtematte

Margot is a Clinical Psychologist, French-qualified, who works with children, young people, adults, parents, and families. She specialises in offering individual and group psychological therapy to people struggling with difficulties associated with trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, parenting, and neurodivergence (ASD and ADHD). Based in Guildford (Surrey), she offers a compassionate and collaborative therapeutic space to guide her clients towards healing, self-exploration, and a more fulfilling life.

Dr Jenny Draisey

Dr Jenny Draisey is a Clinical Psychologist based around Guildford, Surrey who works with children and young people (aged 5-18) and their families. She specialises in assessing and treating young people presenting with a range of mental health difficulties specifically anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression sleep difficulties, and anger and oppositional difficulties. Jenny believes that young people’s mental health difficulties require a holistic and systemic approach. This approach analyses and treats not only the person themselves but the system and environment that surrounds that person.