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In order to understand treatment options, it is important to clarify at the start a few basic concepts about the different professions that are available within our mental health service and what to expect regarding treatment options when you engage with someone from a specific profession. In this section we will also clarify the different modalities of treatment available. These being individual, couples, relationships, family and groups and the context for treatment being face-to-face, internet based, and telephone.

How long will it take?

Regardless of the treatment you choose there is no ‘quick fix’ for psychological difficulties, emotional distress and mental health disorders. Medication can help to alleviate symptoms, allowing you to cope better with daily life and provide emotional stability to engage with self-help or other professional treatment to address underlying issues. Similarly, psychological therapy, counselling and psychotherapy take time and commitment before you notice a sustained improvement. Sometimes treatment requires you to face difficult thoughts, feelings and problems you have previously avoided, but the approach taken always aims to do this only if necessary for recovery, in a safe manner and at a pace that is manageable for you.


Surrey Healthcare Clinic

‘At SHC we aim to help you access the appropriate treatment for you as an individual by finding the best professional team who can help you navigate the bumps and challenges along the road of recovery.’


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