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Family treatment is when the practitioner works with several members of a family who are experiencing problems in their relationships as these can impact how the family manages, functions and copes with daily life. The therapist explores individual family members views and relationships to understand the problems they are having. Family therapy, also called systemic psychotherapy, helps family members communicate better with each other. It can help families to change, develop and find better ways to manage and resolve conflict. Family therapy can be helpful when one member of the family has a mental health problem that is affecting relationships with the rest of the family. Similarly, families can get into unhelpful repetitive patterns in how they understand and relate to struggling family members. Family therapy is suitable for children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

At Surrey Healthcare Clinic we take a flexible approach either working with the whole family or sometimes working with couples or combinations of family members depending on what the problem is. Family therapy can help with a wide range of things including parenting issues, child and adolescent behaviour issues, family conflict, separation and divorce, mental health problems, physical health and disability and changes in family life. Family therapists sometimes work as a team with one observing therapist offering feedback in front of the family about the problem and the ideas coming from the session. The aim of family therapy is to help family members find ways to understand themselves and their responses within the family. This approach helps with communication, managing emotions and finding better ways to understand and help each other, regardless of whether the problem is believed to be an individual member or whole family issue.

There are many new evidenced based family treatment protocols which have been developed to help families with specific mental health problems for example Attachment Based Family Therapy for Depressed Adolescents (ABFT-D) and Family Based Treatment for Eating Disorders (FBT-ED). Some of our practitioners are trained and experienced using these specific approaches. You can check this on their individual profile pages.



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