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Online consultations are a new way of delivering treatment via the Internet. It’s similar to face-to-face treatment except for your communication with your clinician is mediated by technology using your personal computer or another camera and screen-based device (tablet or mobile). This approach is also known as webcam, online, distance, remote, internet-based, e-therapy, e-treatment and web treatment or therapy. It is important to have an initial consultation with the treating clinician to explore whether online treatment would be a suitable option for you.


Online, E-Therapy, E-Treatment

This approach can also be used interspersed with face-to-face sessions to ensure the continuity of treatment if accessing your treatment centre is difficult due to work, study or other commitments. It is important to use a secure online communication service and your clinician can advise you on this.

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Surrey Healthcare Clinic


‘Since the outbreak of Covid-19, all Surrey Healthcare Clinic practitioners offer online consultations. You can check their individual profiles or contact the clinician of your choice to discuss this option further.’



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