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There are two main ways of working in a group namely Psychoeducation and Group Therapy. Surrey Healthcare Clinic has practitioners who are experienced in all kinds of group treatments. Running group treatment in private practice is challenging. It can be difficult to recruit a committed cohort of patients at a particular time. However, that is not to say there is not the potential of offering this effective treatment for many mental health problems which involve communication, self-esteem, emotional regulation, perception and relationship difficulties. Group treatment is a very powerful and effective approach when dealing with these difficulties, potentially giving patients, family and friends new and rewarding experiences which can be instrumental in change.

What is Psychoeducation?

Psychoeducation is a mixture of teaching, discussion and experiential learning (e.g. simulation/role play, video/movie clips, creative interaction/activities). The goal of psychoeducation is to help people better understand and become accustomed to living with mental health difficulties and conditions. This approach to treatment is increasingly considered to be an essential evidence-based aspect of all treatment programs. It is generally recognised that patients who have a thorough understanding of the challenges they face, as well as understanding personal coping abilities and strengths, are often better able to address difficulties. Being more informed about your mental health issues can give you greater motivation and capacity to work towards psychological and emotional well-being and recovery.

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Psychoeducation individually or in a group?

Many individuals who have a mental health condition have limited knowledge about the condition they have been diagnosed with, what they might expect from therapy and the effects of any medications they are prescribed. Sometimes the literature on these topics given to them by medical professionals may be confusing or difficult to comprehend, especially when received either at times of crisis or following initial diagnosis. Having the opportunity to meet other people with similar difficulties in a learning environment can help to shift the sense of helplessness and despondency that patients often experience when faced with the challenges of mental health.

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Although psychoeducation can be offered on an individual basis there are many additional benefits when offered in a group format. Psychoeducation can benefit the individual diagnosed, parents and other family members, friends and others who are supporting an individual. It represents an important early step in treatment and can hugely improve commitment to treatment including psychological therapy. It also provides those individuals involved in a person’s mental health care information on both how to offer support, avoid contributing to or escalating unhelpful behaviour patterns, and how to maintain their own emotional health and overall well-being. Similarly, it provides them with the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the mental health concern affecting their close other.

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